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Nail buffing is an arguably overlooked step in an at-home manicure, one that our Glowsly team is here to help you with! Without a doubt, providing yourself with a smooth and even base for the perfect paint is an essential step in a long-lasting and durable manicure. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 best nail buffers for a shiny manicure here!

Even if you’ve never done it before, you’ve most likely seen a nail buffer in a store when you’re searching for a nail file. The small, rectangular blocks have different grits and finishes on each side. They can also come in the typical nail file shape, which can be confusing if you’re looking for a regular file and happen to take home a buffer! Keep reading for 11 of the best nail buffers you can try for your at-home manicure.

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Our Picks of the Best Nail Buffers

From professional options to the most affordable set, below, you can find the best nail buffing blocks for your nail care routine.

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Best Overall

Revlon Shape ‘N’ Buff File & Buffer

11 Best Nail Buffers for a Shiny Manicure (2)

Revlon Amazon.com


This buffing file from Revlon is the best nail buffer on our list for a reason. With 4.8 stars out of 5 among the reviews, it doubles as a file. It has two different filing surfaces, as well as four additional buffing and shining surfaces. Coming in at just under $4, it’s a steal! Grab it today from Amazon!


Best Variety

Teenitor Professional Nail Buffer File Set

11 Best Nail Buffers for a Shiny Manicure (3)

Teenitor Amazon.com


Whether you can’t make up your mind or want a good variety before picking which is best for you, this option from Teenitor on Amazon is a great choice. This set comes with three files and three nail buffers, each with varying grits and finishes. You get three grades of grit with each file and buffer. They are also washable and reusable! Get this variety pack from Amazon!


Best Multitasking

Deborah Lippmann Smooth Operator Buffer Nail File

11 Best Nail Buffers for a Shiny Manicure (4)

Deborah Lippmann Sephora.com


This nail buffer from Deborah Lippmann is a four-way tool that is perfect for tossing in a toiletry bag or purse. The custom material is extra-gentle, smoothing and polishing the surface of your nails for a high-shine finish. Pick it up online at Sephora!


Best Set

TsMADDTs Professional Nail Files & Buffers

11 Best Nail Buffers for a Shiny Manicure (5)

TsMADDTs Amazon.com


This set from TsMADDTs on Amazon is the perfect one to buy if you’re a professional or want to increase the power of your home manicure. It comes with not only six nail buffer blocks but also six files with two varying grits. You can even use them on your pets! So, whether it’s you or your furry friend who needs a manicure, snag this set from Amazon.


Best Glass

Dr. Mode Glass Nail Shiner

11 Best Nail Buffers for a Shiny Manicure (6)

Dr. Mode Amazon.com


While I had never personally heard of a glass nail buffer, I’m always up to try something new. This nail buffer from Dr. Mode uses a high-density nano glass to gently buff and shine the surface of your nail. As it’s made of glass, it’s also effortless to clean! Just rinse and let dry. Try it out today from Amazon!


Best Reusable

Onsen Professional Nail Buffer

11 Best Nail Buffers for a Shiny Manicure (7)

Onsen Amazon.com


This nail buffer block from Onsen is your classic three-step tool, but unlike so many drugstore options available, it has a matching replacement buffing strip set. Available on Amazon, Onsen offers replacement strips for your buffing block, so you need not buy an entirely new block when the strips start wearing out. Order it from Amazon with the replacement pads or on its own!


Best Drugstore

Tweezerman Neon Hot 4-in-1 File, Smooth & Shine Block

11 Best Nail Buffers for a Shiny Manicure (8)

Tweezerman Amazon.com


Chances are if you’ve wandered through the nail section of your favorite drugstore (am I the only one with a favorite drugstore? Some are just better!), then you know the name Tweezerman. Tweezerman products can be found in almost any drugstore or beauty supply store, and their nail buffer will be just as easy to spot with its neon colors. This option from Tweezerman appears to include replacement pads as well, so you can quickly revive your worn block. Pick it up from Amazon!


Best Ergonomic

Keiby Citom Professional Nail Buffer Block

11 Best Nail Buffers for a Shiny Manicure (9)

Keiby Citom Amazon.com


This set of two nail buffing blocks from Keiby Citom is another great two-in-one option. You can easily shape, buff, smooth, and polish your nails with one product. The uniquely curved shape makes this nail buffer easy to hold and use, and because of the curved shape, you will not have to buff your nails as much to get the same high-shine finish. Purchase it on Amazon!


Best for Artificial Nails

Maryton Sanding Block Polisher

11 Best Nail Buffers for a Shiny Manicure (10)

Maryton Amazon.com


This ten-piece package of nail buffers from the Maryton store is perfect for acrylic or gel nails. The high-grit (60/100) sanding block easily buffs out acrylic or gels, removing glue and nail gel. While these are meant for buffing, this set also includes four mini nail buffers for shining! Gentle enough for the sensitive skin around your nails, these buffing blocks won’t let you down for your at-home manicure. Grab them from Amazon!


Best Budget

Soft ‘N Style 4 Way Buffing Block

11 Best Nail Buffers for a Shiny Manicure (11)

Soft ‘N Style Amazon.com


If you want to try a nail buffer without making too much of an investment, then this buffing block from Soft ‘N Style is the way to go. Coming in at under $3.50, you can’t beat the price on this buffing block. The sanding side falls into the medium/ coarse category and is suitable for both natural and artificial nails. Get it from Amazon!


Best for Natural Nails

Makartt 10 Piece Natural Nail Buffers

11 Best Nail Buffers for a Shiny Manicure (12)

Makartt Amazon.com


This ten-piece nail buffer set from Makartt on Amazon is perfect for buffing out your natural nails. When it comes to nail files and buffers, the higher the grit number, the gentler it is. These buffers have a 400/6000 grit, so one side is 400, while the other is 6000. One bonus of this nail buffer is that because it’s so gentle, you could easily use it on the kiddos if they’re interested in a manicure. Pick it up today from Amazon!

How to Choose a Nail Buffer

While at first sight it may seem super-easy to choose a nail buffing block, there are some aspects to consider when buying one.

11 Best Nail Buffers for a Shiny Manicure (13)
  • Choose the common rectangular block with different grit numbers if you are looking for a diverse option that could work whether you have natural or artificial nails. These are all the easiest options to find.
  • Pay attention to the grit number of your buffing tool. The higher the number on your buffer is, the gentler the grit will be, and vice versa.
  • You can consider getting buffing strips to prolong the life of your regular buffing block.
  • For a travel-friendly option, go for a buffing file, which looks like your regular flat nail file and can easily fit in your beauty kit.
  • Consider the newer higher-end glass nail buffers to keep your nails as undamaged and healthy as possible, which are stated to provide an ultimate glass shine without being too abrasive. They are also perfect for sensitive nails.
  • Ultimately, an emery board is a great single-use option for professionals in a beauty salon.

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