14 Best Program Launcher for Windows 10 in 2021 | TechPout (2023)

Are you being bogged down with innumerable apps and files on your desktop screen? Get a program launcher for Windows 10 to ease up your life a bit. Wondering how an app launcher better your life of the blues?

Well, people who love to keep their life and things organized and tidy, for them a cluttered desktop is as worse as a messed up room. So, if you get an application launcher for your Windows 10 PC, then the app can sort the desktop icons, along with making many more significant and useful modifications.

So, what is it that the desktop app launchers do for your Windows 10 machine?

  • An app launcher can provide quick access to a wide variety of applications stored on your Windows 10 PC.
  • You can search and find all your important files conveniently from the sea of files you keep creating everyday.
  • It also helps in freeing up desktop space.
  • Some Windows app launchers can even facilitate web browsing with the help of a floating browser shortcut.
  • Some app launchers also help in creating a task list to keep track of your priorities.
  • You can also create keyboard shortcuts and customize commands.

Therefore, to help you avail such an application, we have listed down the best app launcher program for your Windows 10 PC in this blog.

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What are the Best App Launchers For Windows?

1. RocketDock

2. Launchy

3. SlickRun

4. Executor

5. ObjectDock

6. WinLaunch

(Video) The 10 Best Windows Productivity Apps in 2022

7. Wox

9. Winstep Nexus Dock

10. Listary

11. Keybreeze

12. Find and Run Robot

13. Appetizer

14. RK Launcher


What are the Best App Launchers For Windows?

Get a glance of the 14 best program launchers for Windows 10 and systematically organize your desktop.

1. RocketDock

14 Best Program Launcher for Windows 10 in 2021 | TechPout (1)

Price: Free

Being on top of the screen, this free app launcher for Windows 10 is quite similar in its design to the macOS X launch toolbar. With readily available shortcuts to launch apps, files, it makes using the computer extremely fast and easy.

(Video) 5 Best App Docks For Windows 10

Adding shortcuts to the toolbar is easy with a simple drag and drop process. It saves a lot of space on the desktop. It’s undoubtedly the best solution to get rid of multiple icons from your desktop and reduce the clutter.

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2. Launchy

14 Best Program Launcher for Windows 10 in 2021 | TechPout (2)

Price: Free

Launching an app is made easy with this best free app launcher and you will never again face any difficulty with your Windows 10 system. The system performs optimally and smoothly with this program launcher and doesn’t need you to set up anything as it’s ready-to-use after installation.

Once you open this tool it opens as a search bar along with a small control panel icon. You can easily launch programs and files with this easy-to-use app. This program is customizable with many skins and plugins.

3. SlickRun

14 Best Program Launcher for Windows 10 in 2021 | TechPout (3)

Price: Free

A floating command line utility for your Windows PC, SlickRun is a promising app launcher that facilitates instant access to all programs, websites, and files.

You can customize commands and run multiple programs with the help of just a few keystrokes. Interact with your computer smoothly with the help of SlickRun, search the web just by entering the URL, and do a lot more unlimited action with this wonderful app.

4. Executor

14 Best Program Launcher for Windows 10 in 2021 | TechPout (4)

Price: Free

Another best free app launcher is Executor, you can customize it as per your wish and access all types of apps installed on your Windows 10 computer easily with its help.

You get several features like lock your PC, shutdown shortcut, etc. with the Executor app.

Upon installation it indexes all the installed apps on your system and then all you need to do is open it and type the name of the program you wish to launch.

5. ObjectDock

14 Best Program Launcher for Windows 10 in 2021 | TechPout (5)

Price: $4.99

With ObjectDock you can add all your frequently used favourite programs, so that you can access them simply with their shortcuts.

This app launcher comes with a 30 day trial period and offers a premium version with plenty of exciting features.

This app launcher offers several widgets like clock, weather, battery, calendar, etc. to make the dock look interesting and attractive. It also comes with customizable skins and various background changing options.

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6. WinLaunch

14 Best Program Launcher for Windows 10 in 2021 | TechPout (6)

Price: Free

(Video) The BEST/PERFECT launcher for Windows 10/11 | MacOS Spotlight for Windows| Flow Launcher| Meherab 03

This free application launcher for Windows 10 is your way to consolidate all your apps in one place. You no longer need to search for your apps now. It remains minimized in the background and upon activation the launcher bar opens up and shows the list of all applications that have been pinned.

Create groups easily and customize it as you wish. Club the shortcuts in groups by simply dragging and dropping. The Jiggle Mode facilitates moving icons from one to another group.

You also get touchscreen icons with this app to access files and apps with ease.

7. Wox

14 Best Program Launcher for Windows 10 in 2021 | TechPout (7)

Price: Free

Wox is a Windows app launcher that encourages you to access programs and web substance as you type. Create a theme that matches your desktop. Customize your themes based on selected colors, fonts, sizes, etc.

Its significant features include fast program launches, quick finding of local files and applications without stopping your keyboard. Additionally it sorts files automatically dependent on the rate of use.

Look through the web with preset keywords like, wiki, and so on. You can likewise include your own web searches through the settings pane of the application to assist you with your everyday life.

Not limited to this alone, you can also create a plugin with Wox. Supported plugins are Golang, CSharp, etc.

8. Keypirinha

14 Best Program Launcher for Windows 10 in 2021 | TechPout (8)

Price: Free

Keypirinha is the best app launcher program for your Windows 10 PC that quickly finds and launches a multitude of items such as, files, bookmarks, applications, registry keys, URLs, sessions, etc.

Significant features include initiating a search on any configured website or online dictionary, language translations, searching the environment variables, initiating a copied URL directly, and much more.

Additionally, this tool also performs actions like searching web queries, evaluating mathematical expressions just with the keyboard.

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9. Winstep Nexus Dock

14 Best Program Launcher for Windows 10 in 2021 | TechPout (9)

Price: Free

Winstep Nexus Dock is essentially the most feature packed app launcher with dazzling looks. With regards to ease of use, Nexus Dock is really a very straightforward tool to utilize.

This application launcher is extraordinary compared to other tools in the business as it accompanies a bunch of customization options. One of the customization choices available is to set custom symbols to your dock items.

You can entirely replace the taskbar with Nexus dock. The dock supports live icons, animated ones, background blur, widgets, custom icons, etc. It can work across multiple monitors.

Other than programs, Nexus Dock also supports documents and folders. All you need to do is just drag and drop the apps to pin them. Winstep Nexus Dock is accessible free of cost but the premium version unlocks many more features.

10. Listary

14 Best Program Launcher for Windows 10 in 2021 | TechPout (10)

Price: $19.95

(Video) Launcher 10: Give Your Android Phone Windows 10 Live Tiles

Another desktop app launcher for Windows 10 is Listary that does much more than launching an application or program.

With a lightweight interface, this app conveniently blends with heavy tools like WinRAR, Total Commander, Xplorer2, Directory Opus, etc. Browse through folders, search for the correct file names, or glance through the Windows restricted menus with this app.

It additionally applies a smart search technology to continue working without navigating through the Windows route to go to a specific location.

11. Keybreeze

14 Best Program Launcher for Windows 10 in 2021 | TechPout (11)

Price: Trail for 60 days then $10

Keybreeze performs keyword based tasks efficiently. It is the best app launcher for Windows 10 that can permit you to set custom keyphrases for the most loved applications or URLs.

Keybreeze is an extraordinary app for emails. You can make sticky notes and do fundamental content extension which permits you to duplicate long chunks of text in a clipboard.

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12. Find and Run Robot

14 Best Program Launcher for Windows 10 in 2021 | TechPout (12)

Price: Free

Find and Run Robot is one of the most powerful applications in the class of best app launchers for Windows 10. With adaptive search features you can quickly locate apps.

Customize the app as you wish for simpler and speedier search activity of applications. Taking into account that it is exceptionally fast, has plenty of plugins and several more incredible features and settings.

13. Appetizer

14 Best Program Launcher for Windows 10 in 2021 | TechPout (13)

Price: Free

An open source application launcher for Windows 10, it has an extremely straightforward UI.

In contrast to most launchers, Appetizer needs you to enter programs manually that you need to access with it. It offers some helpful features for accessing your most loved applications and files.

14. RK Launcher

14 Best Program Launcher for Windows 10 in 2021 | TechPout (14)

Price: Free

Using RK Launcher saves the best of your apps and programs at the screen. The user can adjust the position of the app display through RK Launcher. Users can place anywhere on the screen as per choice.

Having a clean and simple interface makes it easy to operate. Other than this the user can customize the themes and ad custom icons/doclets. Giving the customization freedom the app is a great alternative to taskbar.

RK Launcher has been in the market for a quite long time which is why the app supports various windows OS.


Thus, you now are fully aware of what each of the 14 app launchers is capable of doing. So, get a Windows 10 app launcher for yourself today and increase the productivity of your system.


Which launcher is best for Windows 10? ›

What is the best launcher for PC?
  • PDNob Shortcuts – Best for launchers and automation.
  • RocketDock – Good for favorites management.
  • Executor – Great Taskbar addition.
  • Winstep Nexus Dock – Great app customization.
  • Keypirinha – Good for bookmark organizing.
  • Listary – Quick searching.
  • Cerebro – Great for advanced users.
18 Aug 2022

Which launcher is best for PC? ›

Here is a list of the best Microsoft Windows launcher out there! These Windows launchers will give you the experience and interface of Windows on your Android device.
Best Microsoft Windows Launcher for Android
  1. Win 10 Launcher. ...
  2. Launcher 10. ...
  3. Square Home 3 Launcher. ...
  4. Computer Launcher. ...
  5. Microsoft Launcher.

Is there a launcher for Windows 10? ›

Widget Launcher (formerly Widgets HD) is the next generation of Gadgets for Windows 10. This redesigned Widget Launcher is now better than ever before. Now extensions are supported! So you can download additional skins and widgets right here in the Microsoft Store.

What is Ubuntu launcher? ›

Ubuntu's default app launcher is the GNOME Shell Applications Overview but this full-screen grid of icons doesn't suit everyone's tastes. We share our favourite Linux app launchers, all of which work on Ubuntu & Linux Mint.

Which launcher is fastest? ›

You can't talk about the best Android launchers without a mention of Nova Launcher. Fast, sleek and highly customizable, Nova Launcher balances extensive appearance and utility customizations with a minimal performance impact, letting you set your home screen just right without slowing down performance.

Which launcher uses least RAM? ›

Best android launchers with low cpu and ram usage
  • Nova Launcher.
  • Nova Launcher Prime.
  • APUS Launcher.
  • CM Launcher 3D.
  • ADW Launcher.
  • Arrow Launcher.
  • Holo Launcher.
  • Smart Launcher Pro.

Which launcher is better than Nova Launcher? ›

Total Launcher is one of the best & lightweight launcher apps to have on Android. While the app is not as popular as Nova Launcher, it still offers you a fair amount of customization options. The Android launcher app brings many cool themes, endless customization options, rich-featured widgets, and more.

Is Microsoft Launcher the best? ›

Not only is Microsoft Launcher a completely Android-native experience, but it's a top-quality, ever-updating launcher. It's one of few outside Nova Launcher to offer edge-to-edge widgets and subgrid positioning.

What is the most popular launcher? ›

Here are the best Android launchers
  • Nova Launcher. Source: Google Play Store. ...
  • Action Launcher. Source: Google Play Store. ...
  • Microsoft Launcher. Source: Google Play Store. ...
  • Niagara Launcher. Source: Google Play Store. ...
  • Smart Launcher. Source: Google Play Store. ...
  • Launcher iOS 16. Source: Google Play Store.
4 Aug 2022

What launcher does Microsoft use? ›

Microsoft Launcher (formerly known as Arrow Launcher) is an application launcher for the Android mobile platform developed by Microsoft and intended to provide a more convenient integration between Windows desktop PCs and Android smartphones.

Is it good to install launcher? ›

They provide a colorful and intuitive way of using your phone as well as an escape from your smartphone's default look and feel. But it's not just about appearance, launchers can radically change your all-around Android experience.

Why is Nova Launcher so good? ›

Nova Launcher allows you to hide apps or group similar apps together within the app drawer. The customization extends to changing sizes for dock icons, background images, or labels. Further, it is possible to hide apps or create groups of similar apps within the app drawer if you use the app's premium version.

What is GNOME launcher? ›

GNOME Do (often referred to as Do) is a free and open-source application launcher for Linux originally created by David Siegel, and currently maintained by Alex Launi. Like other application launchers, it allows searching for applications and files, but it also allows specifying actions to perform on search results.

What is smart launcher used for? ›

If you prefer a more minimalist-yet-functional approach to your launcher, check out Smart Launcher, which will work with all your Android devices.

Is MC launcher good? ›

You can play Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft: Java Edition as well through the launcher at hand. It's also remarked well for playing vanilla versions of the title, but when it boils down to mods and similar customizations, Minecraft Launcher probably isn't your best bet.

Is Nova Launcher better than Apex Launcher? ›

In terms of Android customization, Apex Launcher is a good choice if you want the home screen and the app drawer to be easily accessible. However, when it comes to styling them, Nova wins the battle hands down.

Does Nova Launcher affect performance? ›

Yes it does affect performance, most noticeable is the lag when trying to launch applications or switching between applications. Although the effect on performance is launcher specific/dependent since it's a process (application on its own) it uses the RAM.

Which is the lightest launcher? ›

The Niagara Launcher is an extremely lightweight and ergonomic launcher that helps achieve a minimalist yet functional homescreen. There's no app drawer by default: you get up to 8 app shortcuts on the homescreen and you access your apps by swiping down a virtual alphabet on the right.

Do launchers use RAM? ›

Yes. Some launchers need lots of RAM to run, thus affect the performance of the machine.

Which launcher uses less battery? ›

Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver

While that shouldn't be the case, there are Android launchers specifically designed to save battery life. Meet Power+ Launcher. Power+ Launcher is designed as a light one on resources and is also easy on your smartphone's battery life.

Is 2GB RAM enough for apps? ›

Less Than 4GB of RAM: We can't recommend any Android devices that offer less than allocations such as 2GB of RAM, or 3GB of RAM to any user. Modern versions of Android require around 1.5GB of storage just for the system, so smaller RAM capacities would make the overall experience relatively poor.

Which is the best free launcher? ›

Niagara Launcher

This makes it easy to control your device with one hand. The app list is also adaptive, which puts the apps you need at your fingertips. That's especially useful when it comes to messengers and email apps. The launcher is free to use, and there are no ads.

Does launcher affect performance PC? ›

You're probably rocking two or more game launchers if you download games from multiple services. But do they have a negative impact on your PC? Generally, having more programs open at once should impact system performance, however negligible.

What launcher does the most damage? ›

What Launcher Does Most Damage In Warzone? The JOKR does the most damage by far, however, it's also the slowest weapon to use in Warzone, and you can only lock on to vehicles or locations, there's no free-fire option.

Which launcher is best for gaming? ›

GOG Galaxy 2.0 is a comprehensive, unified game launcher. Its core strength is that it can be used for games across all platforms, including non-GOG titles. Users of GOG Galaxy can import all their PC and console games into one library with many different sorting features for good accessibility.

What is XO launcher? ›

Latest version

XOS - Launcher,Theme,Wallpaper is a great launcher for Android with an easy and intuitive design that streamlines the way you use your smartphone. If you want to change your smartphone interface to make it easier to use, then you've come to the right place.

Which is the best launcher in the world? ›

If you are looking for a launcher that enhances your productivity, Microsoft Launcher is one of the best options available right now. The main screen is user-friendly and looks like any other third-party launcher. Microsoft Launcher comes with a built-in news feed and widgets.

Is buying Nova Launcher worth it? ›

If you've had the app on your device(s) for more than 2 or 3 months and you've actually using it's features then it's surely worth a mere five dollars. If you don't want to spend your own cash install the Google Opinion Rewards app and you can build the credit in there to pay for the launcher.

Which is the best launcher app? ›

Also, you can back up your customization settings for an easy restoration when you switch phones or reset your Android device.
  • Nova Launcher Developer: TeslaCoil Software. ...
  • Lawnchair 2 Developer: David Sn. ...
  • Niagara Launcher ‧ fresh/clean Developer: Peter Huber. ...
  • AIO Launcher Developer: AIO Mobile Apps.
28 Oct 2022

Is epic a good launcher? ›

Epic Games Launcher still have a few things they can tweak for a better overall experience. It is not to take away from the launcher, but it just doesn't offer nearly as much as Steam when it comes to other activities (streaming support, community place, marketplace, customization, etc.).

Is Nova Launcher safe? ›

Nova launcher do not collect any private data like Google password, Wallet password etc. Nova launcher needs access to your notification because they provide badge count on your icon like iPhone for which this permission is required. However it works only on Nova launcher prime. It requires administrative permission.

What launcher does Google use? ›

Where the Google Now Launcher is different is that it's the first time Google's released the stock Android launcher for download on the Play Store (with some caveats, which we'll mention later). This means that anyone with a device running Android 4.

What are the 3 Microsoft applications? ›

Microsoft Applications
  • Microsoft Word provides tools for creating and sharing professional word processing documents.
  • Microsoft Excel provides tools for creating spreadsheets, charts, and graphs.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint provides tools for creating presentations.

Is launcher an exe? ›

What is Launcher.exe? launcher.exe is a legitimate file. This file name is used for most of the application software. The purpose of the file is to lauch the software or application.

Is smart launcher 6 Safe? ›

Smart Launcher 5 was great, and now that it has been updated to Smart Launcher 6, I feel that it is even better. My husband and I both use the launcher, and we have never had any kind of issues with it, and have never felt that it is unsafe in any way.

What is third party launcher? ›

While many Android users already use third-party launchers or are at least familiar with the concept, not everyone may be aware of what they are. A launcher is essentially a home screen app that displays the apps, widgets, and other shortcuts on the device.

Which launcher is best for hiding apps? ›

There are several amazing launchers such as the Microsoft Launcher and Poco launcher that add a lot of functionality and come with the Hide Application feature as well that lets you hide some of your apps from the app drawer.

What launcher is better than TLauncher? ›

The best alternative is PolyMC, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like TLauncher are MultiMC, ATLauncher, Prism Launcher and GDLauncher. TLauncher is a cracked Minecraft launcher.

Does changing launcher affect performance? ›

Yes because more it is customized more ram will be required to run. Thus lag as compared to pure Android. Yes they do. There's some difference between custom launcher & default launcher.

Should I use a launcher? ›

The best way to personalize an Android phone is through launchers. A launcher will not only change the look of your smartphone but also customize its behaviors. It can change the icons, page transitions, widgets, improve usability, and much more.

Is SK launcher cracked? ›

Skaiacraft is NOT the best cracked launcher out there. It is a crack that is made by a specific server (skaia.us) so the launcher definitely has something built in to promote their server.

Is Lunar client good? ›

Lunar Client is a pretty cool third party launcher, and a great alternative to Badlion Client. Tons of people appreciate the features and mechanics that are included in the client, as it is made by PvP players for PvP players. If you are a Skywars kiddie, I highly recommend this.

Is Crystal launcher cracked? ›

Crystal Launcher is an free cracked launcher for Minecraft and easy managing and installing modpacks. It can also run official Minecraft versions (from rd-132211 to Minecraft 1.18. 1!)

Which launcher is best for hiding? ›

There are several amazing launchers such as the Microsoft Launcher and Poco launcher that add a lot of functionality and come with the Hide Application feature as well that lets you hide some of your apps from the app drawer.

Do launchers waste battery? ›

If you want a launcher, go for it, but it slows down your phone and drains more battery because it runs OVER your default one. A great guide on how to save battery life on an android. hope this helps, reply to me if you need more clarification/ help. What's the best way to extend battery life on my Android phone?


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