What kind of service is this?

You can use this service to download materials to use in Clip Studio Paint. For example, patterns, brushes, 3D data, etc.

Although this service can be viewed in a web browser, you will need to install Clip Studio to download materials.

  • If you have not installed Clip Studio, you will not be able to use the “Download” button.
  • This service is translated from Japanese. Therefore, some materials may be designed for applications that have been released only in Japanese (e.g. CLIP STUDIO ACTION).

For details on how to download materials, please see the following.

  • (TIPS) Downloading Materials on Clip Studio (PC)

How to use downloaded materials

Please check the ASSETS Terms of Service "Permitted Scope of Use" for details. Please check the following.

  • (Support) What are the rules for using materials downloaded from Clip Studio ASSETS?

What are Clippy materials?

You need CLIPPY to download these materials.
Anyone can upload Clippy materials (priced up to 20,000 Clippy tokens).
When someone purchases your Clippy materials, you receive Clippy tickets which can be converted into GOLD charge codes, Clippy tokens, or activation codes for Clip Studio Paint.

What are GOLD materials?

GOLD materials are materials that need to be purchased with GOLD.
Follow these steps to get GOLD and buy GOLD materials.

  1. You can make your purchase through the GOLD Purchase Page.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to purchase your GOLD. Once you have completed your GOLD purchase, the amount purchased will appear in your account’s GOLD balance.
  3. You can now buy GOLD materials. Search for GOLD materials on ASSETS. Once you find a material you like, you can purchase it with the “Checkout Now” button.
  • You can check your past GOLD purchases in your “GOLD Wallet”.
  • If you have a GOLD charge code, you can add GOLD funds by selecting “Redeem code” in your GOLD Wallet and following the on-screen instructions to register your code.

How to use downloaded materials

Your downloaded materials will be saved in the Material palette > Download section in Clip Studio Paint.

The downloaded materials will also appear in the Download section of the “Manage materials” screen in Clip Studio.

(Video) 15 Helpful Brushes and Assets for Webtoon Artists


You can use image materials by simply dragging and dropping them on the canvas.

To use a brush material, first drag and drop it onto the sub tool palette and register it as a sub tool.


  • For details on how to use other materials, please refer to (SUPPORT) How to import materials to Clip Studio Paint.

To see this menu, log into the service and click on your profile image at the top right of the screen.


By selecting the star icon, you can view materials that have been added to your favorites.


This page displays your download and purchase history. You can re-download materials from this page.
If a material is deleted by the publisher or administrator, the material will be marked as “Deleted".


This page shows your upload history. You can edit, delete, download, and update your uploaded materials from this page.

(Video) How to: Clip Studio ASSETS

You can also switch temporarily uploads to published materials.

  • In the "Edit” Menu, you can only edit the material’s information. Select “Update” if you would like to replace the material data.

You can also exchange CLIPPY for gifts 48 hours after the material is published. (GOLD charge code conversion is limited to 200,000 Clippy per month)

New post

You can temporarily upload and then publish your original materials. You will need Clip Studio to post materials. You cannot publish materials from your web browser.

Please follow the instructions below to post a material.

If you select “New post” > "Materials for CLIP STUDIO series" in a web browser, Clip Studio will start up on the [Manage materials] screen, showing your created materials. Double-click on the material you'd like to publish, and select [Publish to ASSETS] from the screen that appears. This will temporarily upload the material. While the material is being uploaded, you can check the upload status from the [Communication Management] screen in Clip Studio.

After temporarily uploading the material, publish it from the “MyUploads" screen. This completes the post.

If you'd like to post a material catalog, select it from the material catalog list after Clip Studio starts up. Click on the "Manage" button and select “Publish to ASSETS". For more about material catalogs, please also refer to the following guide.

You can earn up to 150 bonus Clippy tickets once a day by posting free materials.
Note: More details here

(Video) [TUTORIAL] How to find the best brushes in Clip Studio Paint (that Japanese artists use) +what I use


In settings, you can choose whether to load search results on ASSETS by scrolling or by pages.

How to make materials

For details on how to make materials, please see the following.

How to make materials

You can use Clip Studio Modeler, our 3D material setup tool, to import typical 3D data from other software and set it up as a material that can be used in Clip Studio Paint.

Download Clip Studio Modeler (Free)

For details on how to make a material catalog, please see the following.

Guide on how to make a material collection

Updating Materials

Updating Materials allows you to edit material data. First you temporarily upload the replacement material, then go to the previous version and edit it from "Update” Menu.


When updating a Material, all information below will be edited.

  • Number of downloaded materials
  • Material’s Likes Quantity
  • Purchase/Download History
  • Your download history is transferred over updates. You can get notifications when a material you have downloaded is updated, so you can download it again for free.
  • Update downloads are also included in the total number of downloads, so this number may not reflect the number of purchases.

Content Rating

This service has a rating system.

Publishers can set a content rating for materials that may make viewers feel uncomfortable. Please see the “Rating System & Guidelines” for details on how content ratings should be applied. Publishers can also add content ratings to materials that are not covered by the Rating System & Guidelines.

You can set display ON / OFF of content with ratings set in "Contents Filtering" in "Account".

What are limited license materials?

These are materials published by Celsys with conditions for use. Please read the terms of use before using these materials, as some have restrictions on commercial or other use.

Limited license materials have the phrase “Limited license” in the thumbnail image.

Monthly usage plan bonus

Users of certain monthly and annual usage plans, or users who have signed up for a new plan, will receive a free copy of the materials available from Clip Studio Assets.
For more details, please see here.

When Posting to Clip Studio ASSETS

This is a summary. Please read the “Post and Behavior Guidelines (English)” for the full version.
Please take note of these guidelines when uploading text or images.

  • Do not post content for which you do not own the intellectual property rights (copyrights).
  • The copyrights for any content posted on this service belongs to the user who made the post.
  • Posts must not be in violation of any laws.
  • Do not post content containing child pornography or abuse, or excess sexual content.
  • Do not post content which promotes discrimination or ideologies (such as that based on religion, politics, race, occupation, gender, etc.).
  • Do not post content that may be offensive to others.
  • Do not post content that is not related to the service.
  • We cannot respond to requests to delete any content posted by multiple users (such as questions and answers).
  • By posting to this service, you accept that Celsys may make changes including but not limited to altering, editing, or translating the content as necessary.
  • Users bear responsibility for any content they post. Celsys will respond in good faith to precise requests from users.
  • This service provides a reporting feature. When a post is reported, the user of the post will be contacted by Celsys. If you are contacted by Celsys about your post, please follow the directions given.
  • Please refrain from other problematic behavior or posts other than that directly covered in the rules, policies or guidelines. Please behave in a respectful and kind manner.
(Video) CLIP STUDIO PAINT useful features : Using materials from CLIP STUDIO ASSETS


How do you use ASSETS in Clip Studio? ›

Materials downloaded from CLIP STUDIO ASSETS can be loaded by dragging and dropping from the download folder of the material palette. Brush materials can be loaded into the sub tool palette, and image materials can be loaded by dragging them onto the canvas.

How do you get ASSETS in Clip Studio Paint? ›

The easiest way to get to the Assets is to go through the Clip Studio App. This is the main window that opens where you can open Clip Studio Paint, Modeler, see News, manage your works, and more. Make sure you are signed in to your free account, which you will need in order to be able to download Assets.

How do I transfer Clip Studio ASSETS to another computer? ›

Windows: I want to copy my custom settings for Clip Studio Paint to another PC
  1. Backup the Clip Studio Paint user settings folder.
  2. Install Clip Studio Paint on a new PC.
  3. Copy backed-up user settings to a new PC.
  4. Apply the user settings saved to the new PC.
  5. Additional notes.

Where do Clip Studio ASSETS save? ›

Storage location of “Clip Studio Series Materials”

Downloaded “Clip Studio Series Materials” are stored within Clip Studio on the Manage Materials screen.

How much is gold in CSP? ›

About GOLD

GOLD is a type of point that can be used to purchase materials from Clip Studio Assets. 100 GOLD = 100 JPY (about 1 USD) and can be purchased with a credit card.

How do I download additional materials in Clip Studio Paint? ›

Once Clip Studio is open, click on the Settings menu (the gear icon) in the top-right-hand corner. Click Download additional materials now from the menu. When the download confirmation message is displayed, click Yes to begin the download.

Is Clip Studio a one time purchase? ›

The desktop download and packaged versions of Clip Studio Paint (Windows/macOS) can be purchased as a one-time payment. The iPad version and iPhone version are available as monthly usage plans only. A one-time payment for the PC version (Windows/macOS) can be purchased from the following page.

How do I import a 3D model into CSP? ›

Select [File] menu > [Import] > [3D data]. In the displayed dialog box, select the 3D file to be added and click [Open].

Is Clip Studio Paint good? ›

Clip Studio Paint is the best drawing software around, with its many smart and clever features unique to it. It's an inexpensive alternative to Adobe Photoshop as well.

Can I install Clip Studio Paint on multiple computers? ›

You can install and use the software on up to two computers if you purchase the Clip Studio Paint PRO/EX product in a one-time purchase and meet the following conditions. Example: use the software on two computers, one for Windows and one for macOS.

Can you have CSP on multiple devices? ›

With a range of options, monthly usage plans allow artists to more easily use Clip Studio Paint across multiple devices (Windows/macOS/iPad/iPhone) with one combined plan.

How do I activate my Clip Studio Paint license? ›

Launching CLIP STUDIO PAINT and license registration - YouTube

Where are Clip Studio files saved PC? ›

Select the [File] menu > [Save] to overwrite and save the current file. When saving for the first time, a dialog box will appear to specify the file name and save location. If you are using a Smartphone, it is saved in the Clip Studio [Documents] folder.

Where do CSP brushes Download? ›

When you download a brush, you can then go back to Clip Studio Paint, go to the Material bar on the right side of your screen and go to the 'Download' folder. The brush you just downloaded should appear there!

How do I Download clip brushes? ›

How to install brushes
  1. Make sure your files are visible in your file manager.
  2. Make sure Clip Studio Paint is open. ...
  3. Select the tool you want to import them under.
  4. Select the downloaded brush/sub tool files in the file manager.
  5. Drag them into the [Sub tool] palette inside Clip Studio Paint.
30 Apr 2020

Is procreate or Clip Studio better? ›

Verdict. As a vector editor, Clip Studio works better for drawing and illustrations than Procreate.

Is Clip Studio Paint better than Krita? ›

Overall, I found that Clip Studio Paint's interface is a bit better than Krita's. Moreover, Clip Studio also supports more platforms, so you can create animations on any device you prefer. Of course, you will need to spend money to use it on multiple platforms.

Is Clip Studio Paint better than Photoshop? ›

The answer is in your needs. Clip Studio can do quick image edits, but for sketches, drawings, illustrations, and animations, Photoshop is nowhere near. Photoshop has the power of image editing, and if this is something you want to pursue, this is the program you need.

Where is the material palette in Clip Studio Paint? ›

The Material palettes are displayed from [Window] menu > [Material].

How do I import a workspace into clip studio? ›

Select the [Window] menu > [Workspace] > [Workspace import settings] to choose which items you would like to load when loading the workspace..

How do you make a CSP pattern brush? ›

select the “Tools” tab in your tools bar, then click on [Decoration]. (It should be in between the [Airbrush] and [Eraser] tools.) Then select [Pattern] and click on the [Heart] brush.

Does Clip Studio Paint expire? ›

*Wacom Intuos comes with a "CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO 24-month license". After the end of the 24-month period, you can upgrade to CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO at a special price with no expiration date, or use CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT free of charge.

Is Clip Studio Pro permanent? ›

x forever as long as it works on your device. For more information about Ver. 2.0 or later, please see here. *2 For smartphone plans, only iPhone, Galaxy, and Android smartphone devices are available.

Do you have to pay every monthly for Clip Studio Paint? ›

We now offer flexible monthly usage plans so you can use Clip Studio Paint on your preferred devices. See here for monthly usage plan terms. We offer both monthly and annual payment plans. An annual payment plan can save you up to 51% compared to a monthly payment plan.

What 3D files does CSP support? ›

The file types that can be imported into Clip Studio Paint are CLIP STUDIO 3D Character format (extension: cs3c), CLIP STUDIO 3D Object format (extension: cs3o), CLIP STUDIO 3D Background format (extension: cs3s), and fbx, 6kt, 6kh, lwo, lws, and obj files.

How do I import models into clip Studio modeling? ›

(1) Select [Body] from the group on the [Character configuration] palette. (2) Click [Add from file]. (3) When the dialog box for opening a file is displayed, select the file to be imported and click [Open]. The selected file is imported in CLIP STUDIO MODELER.

Is Clip Studio Paint beginner friendly? ›

Clip Studio's website and community board are also a great places for new users to find guides on program and art related topics. If anything, Clip Studio Paint is a more beginner-friendly Photoshop with similar tools and an artist-geared interface.

Is clip Studio Pro good for animation? ›

Clip Studio Paint is a top-notch program with a wide variety of features and easy, convenient customization to make it fit your needs and style. I especially love the easy-to-manage animation timeline, rulers, abundant collection of assets, and how it doesn't stress out my computer.

Is Clip Studio Paint easy? ›

brushes are highly customizable and easy to use. Clip Studio Paint is optimized for drawing and painting, making it ideal for illustrators. The smoothness of your lines, lack of lag while drawing, as well as the vector output make drawing very fun and efficient.

How many licenses does Clip Studio Paint have? ›

Can I change the number of licenses? You can increase the number of licenses your organization is entitled to in units of 10.

Can Clip Studio be transferred? ›

Users may transfer their license(s) according to the conditions described in the product license agreement.

What is the difference between Clip Studio Pro and EX? ›

Clip Studio Paint EX has more features than Clip Studio Paint PRO. PRO is ideal for single-page comics and illustrations and is more affordable than EX. EX has all the features of PRO, plus extra features that are useful for creating multi-page projects. etc.

Can I use my Clip Studio Paint license on iPad? ›

Currently, Clip Studio Paint is only available for PC as a single payment, while being a monthly plan for iPad and iPhone. This has meant that users are unable to use both the iPad and PC version without purchasing separate licenses.

Does Clip Studio Paint cost money? ›

Though Clip Studio Paint used to cost a single payment ($49.99, rising to $219 for the Pro version), from 2023, customers will have to pay monthly to use the software if they want to receive any updates.

Is Clip Studio Paint free on PC? ›

Yes, the Clip Studio Paint free trial works equally well on Windows 10* (64-Bit) or Windows 7 (64-Bit) and macOS 10.15, 10.14 or OS 10.13. How much does the full Clip Studio Paint version cost?

How do I get Clip Studio Paint Pro for free? ›

Answer. First time users of a monthly usage plan can use Clip Studio Paint for up to 3 months free of charge by choosing their plan from the latest version of the software. Note: A monthly usage fee will be charged after the 3-month free offer ends.

Does Clip Studio Paint trial limitations? ›

When the trial version exceeds its 30-day limit, the dialog below will appear. (5) When the limited-time trials that come with products expire: When the 3-month, 12-month or 24-month limited-time trials exceed its trial period, the dialog below will appear.

How do I find my Clip Studio Paint serial number? ›

How to check for your serial number in your email. Our official site only sells the download version of Clip Studio Paint. The serial number will be sent via email after your purchase is made. Search "Share-it!" or "DigitalRiver" in the mailbox of the email address you used at the time of purchase.

How do I download brushes from Clip Studio ASSETS? ›

Downloading materials from CLIP STUDIO ASSETS

When CLIP STUDIO is displayed, tap [ASSETS] from the left menu. ③ A browser will open and display “CLIP STUDIO ASSETS”. ④ Tap [Detail] in the top right, next to the search bar, and select [Brush] from the displayed options. ⑤ Brush materials will be displayed.

How do I import a 3D model into CSP? ›

Select [File] menu > [Import] > [3D data]. In the displayed dialog box, select the 3D file to be added and click [Open].

How do you use downloaded brushes in Clip Studio? ›

When you download a brush, you can then go back to Clip Studio Paint, go to the Material bar on the right side of your screen and go to the 'Download' folder. The brush you just downloaded should appear there!

Can Procreate use Clip Studio brushes? ›

Both Clip Studio Paint and Procreate can import . abr files, which is Photoshop's brush file type. This is great if you're importing brushes.

How do I open a SUT file? ›

You need a suitable software like Clip Studio Paint to open a SUT file. Without proper software you will receive a Windows message "How do you want to open this file?" or "Windows cannot open this file" or a similar Mac/iPhone/Android alert.

How do I get Clip Studio Paint Pro for free? ›

Answer. First time users of a monthly usage plan can use Clip Studio Paint for up to 3 months free of charge by choosing their plan from the latest version of the software. Note: A monthly usage fee will be charged after the 3-month free offer ends.

What 3D files does CSP support? ›

The file types that can be imported into Clip Studio Paint are CLIP STUDIO 3D Character format (extension: cs3c), CLIP STUDIO 3D Object format (extension: cs3o), CLIP STUDIO 3D Background format (extension: cs3s), and fbx, 6kt, 6kh, lwo, lws, and obj files.

What files does CSP support? ›

You can save files in the following formats: CLIP STUDIO FORMAT (extension: clip), CLIP STUDIO PAINT format (extension: lip), BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, Targa, Adobe Photoshop Document (extension: psd) and Adobe Photoshop Big Document (extension: psb).

How do I add a model to clip studio? ›

How I Use the 3D Models in Clip Studio Paint's App to Draw a Pose

Can Clip Studio use Photoshop brushes? ›

Clip Studio Paint can use brushes imported from Photoshop brush files (. abr). Once loaded, you can customize them as much as you want through the Tool Property and Sub tool detail palettes.

What are ABR files? ›

ABR (. abr) file extension is a file format created for Adobe Photoshop. It contains a collection of custom brushes that can be used by the Brush tool in Adobe Photoshop and it includes shape, texture, dynamics, and other data for each brush style.

Where can I find brushes in CSP? ›

Downloaded brushes should be in the Material [Download] folder (Windows > Material > Material [Download]). To import a brush you can just drag and drop to the subtool category you want.

Is Clip Studio Paint good for concept art? ›

From Concept to Completion

Clip Studio Paint is optimized for drawing and painting, making it ideal for illustrators. The painting brushes are highly customizable and easy to use.

How do I make an image a material in Clip Studio Paint? ›

Click [Palette menu] on the Material palette, and select [Register image as Material]. You can also select command from [Edit] menu > [Register Material] > [Image]. The [Material property] dialog box will open. Configure the settings for the material on the dialog box.

Where is the material palette in Clip Studio Paint? ›

The Material palettes are displayed from [Window] menu > [Material].


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